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Transportation is provided by Tirrenia in compliance with terms and conditions imposed by the "Regulations for the transport of passengers and  accompanying baggage" and the "Regulations for the transport of accompanying motor vehicles and their trailers, motor scooters and motorcycles", which can also be consulted at the Company tickets Offices  and on Board, as well as by  the Italian Navigation Code or, where there are no dispositions of the Code and you can’t apply them by analogy, by the articles of the Italian Civil Code.

Purchasing a ticket the passenger automatically accepts all terms and conditions to all the intents and purposes.

Any information, including timetables (always expressed in local time) and the fares as reported in this website can be changed any time and without any advance notice. Tirrenia is not liable for sudden modifications due to unforeseen circumstances or technical reasons.

Legislation and international security

In compliance with the security legislation, the names and the license plates indicated in the ticket must correspond to passengers and their accompanying vehicles. Otherwise, the Controls Authorities may deny the access both to port facilities and to the boarding.

Fares, fees and booking

The ticket purchase implies the payment of the transit price added to the presale fee as well as the one due for the reservation of the place or the garage area assigned. All fares  are quoted in Euros and are inclusive of  VAT and rights (when due); however, they don’t  include meals, drinks, taxes and/or port charges, the fuel surcharge, security taxes and the charge for the online ticket issue. No reduction or allowance may be granted on these fees which, even though included in the fares reported in the website, won’t be refunded in case of cancellation of the booking and in case of a change request on the day of the  departure.

It’s possible to reserve passenger places and garage spaces by paying a pre-sale fee without purchasing the whole ticket, except during the period 15/5 - 15/9, when you can only buy tickets for the departures that fall within the period from 15/6 to 15/9. The booking cost is € 6,00 per passenger and € 7,56 per accompanying vehicle.

The booked accommodations will be reserved until the deadline indicated in the booking slip; after that term, assigned accommodations not yet wholly paid and confirmed, will be automatically cancelled and no refund will be due. In case of booking confirmation, however, when the booking slip is converted to a final ticket, the presale fees and charges for the assignment of a seats and garage areas won’t be required, as they have already been paid as reservation upon presale.

Special rates for residents and Sardinian emigrants

Concessions granted Sardinia and Sicily residents: the concessions, shown in the booking system and in the timetables and fares brochure automatically, are applicable to all EU and non EU citizens, who with a documentation prove their residence on the island they are travelling to or leaving from. Concessions for the Sardinian emigrants: the fares for the residents on the island are also applied, only for connections to and from Sardinia, to Sardinian natives, if they are employees and to their depending families, if they are officially resident outside the Region of Sardinia. From June to September on the lines going to/coming from Civitavecchia-Olbia, Naples-Palermo, Genoa-Porto Torres, which have variable and dynamic fare tariffs, passengers residents on the island will be always guaranteed to benefit fares reserved for them or promotional fares - with the restrictions provided for - if they are more convenient.

Special fares conditions

There is a limited number of special offers and promotions which varies according to the line/section, time and departure date, subject to the availability of the assigned accommodations. The special offers including the low cost car fare are valid for vehicles up to 5 m. in length and 195 cm. height. Freight transport vehicles up to 5 m. in length such as minibuses, pick-up trucks, etc. are excluded from the promotional rate. The special low cost rates including car, seat, deck and cabins, may be used in combination. Tickets bought at special fares aren’t even partially refundable, even in case of changes but they can be changed. Each type of change costs € 20,00 plus any difference between the special fare previously bought and the new requested one to be paid when there’s the change. In addition to the offers listed, Tirrenia Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione reserves the right to offer any further special fares campaigns that can be not applied retroactively to previously defined contracts.


If the journey is between two Italian ports, with no accompanying vehicles, boarding is required at least fifteen minutes before the departure time. For passengers with an accompanying vehicle, boarding is required at least two hours before the departure time.  For international voyages, with or without your car, passengers are not required to go directly to the ship, but they have to check in at the Port Authorities Office at least two hours before the departure (three hours for groups); once this limit has been overtaken, passengers lose the right to board.

Penalties for tickets changes without limitations and restrictions

Changes may be made to tickets purchased according to the following regulations:


1) in case of change of date, route or departure time, no penalty will be applied when the price of the new ticket is equal to or higher than the price of the previous one. If the price of the new ticket is cheaper than the original one, a 10% penalty will be applied on the entire amount of the old ticket; 2) in case of changes of the accommodation, number of passengers and/or vehicles, there is no penalty if the new price is the same as, or higher than the one of the original ticket. A 10% penalty will be applied in case of partial bookings on the charge for the accommodation/passenger/cancelled vehicles (net of presale).


all changes required on the day of the ship departure, before the departure time, are always subject to a 25% penalty.

Cancellation of booking and ticket refund

In case of cancellation of the bookings, the ticket will be refunded, net of presale or seat assignment or garage space, with the application of the following penalties:

- 10% for bookings cancelled within the day before the ship departure;

- 25% for bookings cancelled on the day of the ship departure and in any case before the departure time. No refund is due for not cancelled bookings.

Special or promotional fare tickets are not refundable and are subject to particular limitations (see offers). The methods for the cancellation and refund of the tickets bought online are illustrated in the specific FAQs.

In any case the right to reimbursement of cancelled bookings lapses six months after the departure date.


Fare reductions as presented in this web site are not cumulative and won’t be conceded after the voyage.

Exclusive use

When cabins are assigned for exclusive use, half the full fare is charged for each unused bed. Tirrenia reserves the right of not granting cabins for exclusive use in certain periods of the year.

Checks on board

In case that, during the journey, a passenger is found without a ticket and without having informed the Captain or the Officer in charge, he will be charged the total amount of the ticket, increased by 100%. The passenger who, during the journey, is found lacking in the documentation giving him the right to the special reduced fare, applied upon the issuing of the reduced ticket,  will be required to pay the difference between the reduced fare,  already paid, and the full fare, increased by 100%.

Passports and health certificates

For the journeys with destination to a foreign harbor, a passport or any document valid for expatriation, and, if required, visas and vaccination certificates will be required. Tirrenia is not liable for missed departures due to documents which do not comply with the international regulations. For this reason, there is no refund.

Accompanying cars

 The fares categories are the following:

- Group I: up to 4 meters in length;

- Group II: over 4 meters in length.

Cars over 195 cm. in height, with or without luggage rack, are charged with the "minibus" fare. It must be declared upon the ticket purchase, the transport of liquid gas-powered vehicles. Failing such declaration, the right to boarding will be denied. The transportation of vehicles carrying dangerous or harmful goods, which aren’t allowed by applicable Regulations, and containers with inflammable products, is forbidden.

Caravans, minibuses, minivans, baggage trailers, towed boats, campers

For all these vehicles the linear meter fare is applied. Fractions larger or smaller than 25 cm. will be rounded off to the lower or higher half meter respectively. The “coach” fare applies to minibuses with more than 8 seats. The minivans beyond the limit of 5 m. in length, are considered commercial vehicles and must be shipped with a bill of lading.


They are covered by the linear meter fare when accompanying a group of passengers; otherwise, they are considered commercial vehicles and must be shipped with a bill of lading.

Boats or items on the rack of the accompanying vehicles

If the total car height is over of 195 cm., the “minibus" fare will be applied and the fare concerning the boat or the items on the car rack is also due. If the boat length is higher than the car length, the fare for the higher length is applied to the car. Windsurfs, canoes and bicycles carried by hand pay the corresponding "surf” or "bike" fare. Windsurfs, small boats, canoes and luggage on the cars racks are carried free of charge, if their length is less than the car length and the overall height is under 195 cm..

Accompanying baggage

Due to safety reasons, only carry-on baggage is admitted. To be admitted on board, baggage can only contain personal affects. Carry-on baggage that, for its size, does not fit in the cabin, must be put in the ship’s luggage compartment. Valuables, jewels or money, provided they are not too large, may be deposited at the on board Commissioner Office.

Accompanying pets

It’s possible to transport accompanying cats and dogs. Cats have to be housed in small cages or baskets under the owner’s care, while dogs must be muzzled and leashed. It’s absolutely forbidden to leave the pets in the garage of the ship. Pets can move freely on the outside decks of the ship and there are also kennels outside at their disposal. They cannot access the armchairs halls, they are not allowed to walk around in public areas and they are not allowed in the cabin, except in the pets dedicated cabins, Tirrenia new service, that offers the opportunity to purchase specially equipped cabins, sanitized and provided with all comforts. Pets maintenance and care during the transport must be held at the owner’s charge and risk. It’s requires a veterinary certification stating that the animal travelling with the passenger is healthy.

Further information

The information provided by the passenger will be recorded for safety and security reasons, in accordance with DM 13/10/1999.

For the connections between national ports, a medical care service, urgent transfers and breakdown service are provided.